• volunteer activity

    Jul 14, 2020Tianwei

    When the "May 1st" International Labor Day is approaching, in order to further inherit and carry forward the tradition of the patriotic sanitation movement, and to create a clean and green environment for the general public, more than 30 people from Tianwei Rainwear launched a welcome on the road of Tianwaitian Industrial Park. Volunteer activities for patriotic sanitation cleaning on May 1st.

    The cool weather could not stop everyone’s enthusiasm for labor. Some of the volunteers picked up clamps and some brooms. They carried forward the fine style of being not afraid of getting dirty and tired, and cleaned up in earnest according to the principle of "four cleansing and one standard". The sanitary corners along the roads in the industrial park, the green belt, the small advertisements, and the accumulated garbage near the trash bins show the good image of Tianwei people. At the same time, it actively promotes environmental protection knowledge to the people in the past, and guides the people to care for the living environment and not litter Take out the trash.

    This volunteer service activity has further improved the general public’s awareness of the creation of a civilized city, and also drove the majority of cadres and employees to protect the environment, care for public health, establish a sense of glory in labor, and build a beautiful home in Songxia.