• Donate blood without compensation-let life continue

    Jul 14, 2020Tianwei

    The work of free blood donation is an important part of the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. It is a specific measure to implement the socialist core value system. It is a major livelihood issue related to the health and safety of the people. In response to the voluntary blood donation initiative in Shangyu District, the company organized More than 30 employees from various departments and positions actively participated in voluntary blood donation activities.

    From 8 o'clock in the morning, everyone carefully filled out the forms, tested and collected blood in accordance with the requirements of the medical staff of the mobile blood collection vehicle, and all procedures were carried out in an orderly manner. While waiting for the blood donation, the staff actively promoted the general knowledge of blood donation to the participants, and everyone was nervous and excited; in the blood donation area, the staff who came to donate blood rolled up their sleeves and lay on the blood collection chair to donate their blood.

    Tianwei always regards social welfare as an important content of corporate culture construction, as an important carrier for the company and employees to fulfill social responsibilities, so as to show the company's good modern corporate image to the society by providing love and doing public welfare on a regular and regular basis.