• Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, sweet kiwi meeting-Tianwei picking event

    Jun 10, 2020Tianwei
    In order to improve the team's centripetal force and execution, enhance employees' feelings and coordination, and activate the team atmosphere, so that employees can relax physically and mentally after working hard, Zhejiang Tianwei Rain Gear Co., Ltd. organized a one-day tour group construction The activities include tasting kiwi, eating farm dishes, and watching the movie "Naza's Witch Is Born 3D".

    At 8 o'clock in the morning, more than 130 employees in various departments of the company took three buses to the staff rehabilitation base of Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, and picking activities in the kiwifruit orchard in Zhangzhen. Along the way, laughter and laughter, although the autumn tiger still exerts its power, but everyone is not afraid of the heat, perhaps not just to pick kiwi, but also to enjoy a good time with his family.

    After passing Fengzhang Highway into Shangyuzhang Town, there are a lot of "Picking Base" signs on both sides of the road, and the heavy branches of kiwi fruit have bloomed their most gorgeous smiles. The smooth skin and fuchsia peach heart are one by one. The attractive red heart kiwi is waiting to be picked.

    Entering the orchard, the eyes are full of greenery, and the layers are full of kiwifruit trees. The rich fruit scent flutters with the wind. The workers are shuttled between the dense and dense shelves. Some pick the full fruit and put them in the gift box. Among them, some are busy taking pictures with their mobile phones and recording this September event of fresh fruits.

    During the picking activities, everyone's faces are full of smiles. Although kiwifruit is a late-ripening type of fruit, it needs to be picked and stored for about a week before it matures. If you pinch a soft fruit when picking fruit, then you should be careful. Do not hesitate to peel its skin, the tender green flesh will increase your appetite, bite down, the sweet and sour taste is excellent.

    After the picking activity was completed, the company's administrative center also organized fun game competition activities.

    Near noon we went to Zhangzhen Farmhouse for dinner.

    In the afternoon, the company arranged to go to Shangyu New Chase to enjoy the movie "The Devil of Nezha 3D".

    This team building activity virtually increased the feelings between colleagues, improved everyone's tacit understanding and unity, and made employees tolerant and trust each other, making Tianwei rain gear into a closer whole. Looking back at the whole day's activities, there was joy, excitement, excitement, and harvest. The team building activities let everyone relax during the busy work, relieved the pressure, and were able to invest in the future work with a better mental state. Finally, many colleagues also expressed their gratitude to the company and expressed that they like this kind of activity very much, and hope to have more opportunities to participate in the future.