• Tian Wei good voice

    May 24, 2020Tianwei

    On the brightest night, they sang for you and made you smile.

    On the warmest night, we have dedicated you wonderfully and made you linger.

    On the fire, we walked through September. On the most prosperous night, the turbulent crowd of people, the gorgeous stage and the singing under the spotlight.

    On the eve of National Day, Tianwei Company ushered in a grand music festival-the first season of Tianwei Good Voice Contest. Such a party should be a new one. The participants are looking forward to a singing voice; the audience is looking forward to listening to the sound of nature.

    The initial stage was handed over to two dignified and stylish hosts. A brief and emotional opening speech opened the audience's emotions first. In the festive opening music, the host solemnly announced: The first season of Tian Wei's good voice officially opened.

    Next, the host invited the company founder, Chairman Pan, to speak on stage. With short and powerful sentences and strong words, the chairman, with his consistent and gentle attitude, thanked the family and guests of all parties present, and responded to the crowd's applause with a deep bow.

    After the chairman's speech, Pan Yuan took the stage to sing. A song called "The Power of Dreams" interpreted Tian Lai's child's voice and sang a heart full of innocence and pursuit of beauty. Dreams are not out of reach, only a heart of pursuit is missing. This song extends the theme of the tonight's concert: "Sing passion, sing dreams".

    After a sing, the host came to the stage to introduce the senior leaders of the guest table and the old supervisor of Tian Wei. Shangyu City Federation of Trade Unions and superior leaders have always been eye-catching for the company's corporate cultural activities, and this competition has not forgotten to support Tianwei. This time, the company also specially invited several original managers of Tianwei. Yesterday, they were all part of Tianwei who were present. They were also part of Tianwei. They also dedicated their youth and sweat to Tianwei. Now, they have carried the whole company on their shoulders and started to show their skills and show their heads in this hot land of China Umbrella City.

    "Everyone has contributed to the company's 20 years of ups and downs. We should keep in mind." The general manager of Tianwei Rain Gear Co., Ltd. said emotionally. In the early stage of this song meeting, Mr. Pan specially invited the original director of Tian Wei. As the original part of the company, they have made countless contributions to the company and paid countless sweats. The company’s history book will definitely not Forget about their pen and ink.

    As the first player took the stage, the audience's emotions reached a climax, applause was one after another, and the singing was fascinating. Gao Fuke's "Sudden Self" is reminiscent of those nights and the songs I listened to; lame. No one knows, the dream of a teenager, there are not many color frames; in the neon color platform, who is in this situation.

    The second player is Liu Changxin, the love song prince from Tianwei Rain Gear. His singing has always been affectionate and natural. A scene of lanterns and a love song shattered the situation at that time. "Can't do without you", it seems that the old-fashioned organ is still in hand, looking back at the old feelings, Xu is Lige.

    The third player, Yang Jieqin, performed a song "Starring in Love" with a crisp and gentle voice. Under the stands, the audience raised cards, and the players' smiles were beamed and refracted a thousand times. Look at that light, how many eyes are folded, how many floating pupils are folded.

    Tian Gang, the king of electroplating, came on stage and sang a song "Secretly Secret", it seems that the old singers returned. Asked secretly, the youth may be able to chase, and in front of the empty platform, no one cut the old ticket. Or that year's shuttle bus was driving in Huaxu, tranced two rails across a thousand windows, and opened until the spring.

    The next player on the stage was He Yong from Tianwei Rain Gear. Before "Ten Years", the photo was still there; it seemed like a white-collar boy in the third row; Perhaps the first love is the most memorable, but also in the misty dust net.

    The sixth player, Hang Jiani from Tianhe Design, brought in "Courage". Love really needs courage, it is better to miss the encounter. Once a teenager, I can still stay in your pupils; when I came here, Yi Shuangcheng Ji, or love songs, for staying in the green. And who was under the stage holding the fluorescent light, took the singing into his hand.
    The seventh player, Tian Tinghe from Tianwei Rain Gear came as scheduled, and the old song was soft as cotton. No time machine, can the past be piled up? Who seems to listen to old songs on the midnight radio? The old days of thinking and tear stains slammed into the neon light with the song.

    The singer of the eighth song is Yang Zhongpan from Bao Hongxing. The lonely sandbar is cold, leaving its eyes closed alone;

    The ninth player, Yang Pinyi from Tianwei Rain Gear. "Old Love", who is in a starless night. At that time, there were not many words, and I even thought of you tonight. For years, the phone left yellow paper, old records under the lights, and endless things. The tenth player, Qian Jiayu from Tianhe Design, presented a song "Quiet". I was left with the piano to talk with me all night. The black and white keys faded and the piano sounded empty. The most sad, out-of-love situation, and disqualification on earth. Waiting for the amateur promenade to meet the shadow, where to pursue, alone patrol alone. Ten singers competed, and finally, in the judges' scoring and the announcement of the host, tonight's Tian Wei good voice champion-Yang Pinyi. He used his singing in exchange for cheers and applause from the audience, and also moved the ten judges. Deservedly deserved.

    Finally, after this Mid-Autumn Festival and on the eve of National Day, in this nationally celebrated festival, our big family gathered together, shared this round of bright moon, shared this time, and met a wonderful music feast. Although we still have a large number of employees who are still far away from their homeland and relatives, unable to reunite with their families, they still struggle silently on the front line of production and management, paying their own sweat and hardship. However, it is precisely because of our tens of thousands of family members who "should a small family for everyone" that we have the joy and harmony of the big family of Tian Wei, and the prosperity and prosperity of Tian Wei today.