• On Canton Fair

    Nov 29, 2019Tianwei
    This year is the first time that our factory has participated in the Canton Fair. The five-day exhibition gave us a lot of insights when we first arrived. Faced with the bargaining of foreign merchants directly, the bargaining with mail exchanges is very different, challenging and interesting. Although the Canton Fair exhibits are products, but objectively also exhibit the company's image, production capacity, salesperson's personal quality, etc. In the past few days, I have some feelings that I would like to exhibit here and share with you.

    1. Sample selection-----Weite not only

    Judging from the sample umbrellas placed by different umbrella manufacturers, most booths have a full range of products, from 6%, 7%, 8% 50% umbrella to 40% discount, 3% manual opening, 30% automatic, 3% self-opening, 2% Folded hands open, two-fold automatic and all kinds of straight umbrellas, in addition to the usual sources of samples, temporary sampling, and outsourcing. Except for Tianwei and Tengxin, the samples placed by other small umbrella factories are similar, and it is difficult to have their own characteristics. This will inevitably cause potential customers to enter every booth, and each booth will take a business card. After returning, each factory will send an email to request Comparing the prices of the samples, price competition is inevitable, and it is the foreign merchants who ultimately benefit. If different factories can have their own flagship products, focusing on special rather than all-orientation, customers who can attract customers will definitely have more clear purchase intentions and get better prices. Therefore, the author believes that the sample selection needs to have its own characteristics. No factory can complete all customers. Only by identifying the target market can we penetrate the market and fight for a long time.

    2. Propaganda materials-only new but not complete

    Exhibitors’ own promotional materials include salesperson’s clothing, product catalogs, business cards, booth posters, etc. Umbrella City uniform dress in this Canton Fair, white shirts and black trousers, gives a clean and tidy impression, the product catalogue is full of information, some album pages are many, business cards are in Chinese and English, all information is clear.

    When all the exhibitions are over, look at the business cards we receive, and we will post a full-fledged business card that often reminds us of the face of the card owner and the negotiation scene. Since we want to spend money from customers' pockets, we try to be as close as possible to their living habits, handle business in their way of thinking, and be more able to grasp customers' hearts. No factory at the exhibition used a CD catalog, no factory printed a personal information QR code on the business card. Whenever I saw a merchant dragging a large box filled with beautifully printed product catalogs, I felt we How small is the picture book in it.

    Third, the mental state ---- only professional and not only follow

    It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a Canton Fair, which requires the salesperson to have full enthusiasm. Before the exhibition, the salesperson needs to recognize the purpose and utility of going to the Canton Fair. If you talk about the Alibaba platform on weekdays It's gold panning, and it's mining gold at the Canton Fair. In order to earn money, find a way to prepare the Canton Fair, participate well, and follow up well. Before the exhibition, potential customers who had sent inquiries were invited to their booths with tremendous enthusiasm. Although most of the emails will sink into the sea, at least there is hope, and there are excuses to make a conversation with potential customers. In this way, you can maintain good interaction with customers. If you can meet customers in real life, it will make the cooperation relationship with customers more stable. During the exhibition, welcome every visitor at work at any time, and politely greet the guests passing by the booth instead of stuffing the album cards of each passing foreigner. Facing customers with full enthusiasm and peace of mind, sometimes the information value that many potential customers give is better than the direct profit brought by the order.

    4. Working methods-----efficiency first, quality first

    To do anything, you must know what the purpose of doing this is. Based on this principle, it becomes obvious how to arrange the samples. Each sample has its own value. He is not just an umbrella but a style and a type. What position he should be placed is determined by his own value. If it is a trend, it must be the most striking. position.

    Design a standardized form according to the customer information you need to understand. When communicating with the customer, you can clearly capture all the information of the customer as quickly as possible. Reasonably inquire instead of casual chat, only when we have customer information The more time it takes to provide accurate services. Proficient in product knowledge is a necessary premise, and on this basis, you can use quotation skills to attract customers.

    After obtaining customer needs and contact information, the most important thing is the follow-up action. Follow-up actions include follow-up speed and follow-up quality. When you return to the hotel after the day, you can contact by email. Every customer is different, from different countries, different companies, and have different needs. Therefore, you must not use a model when sending emails to them. You need to treat them individually, fully tap customer information, and then be precise.化服务。 Service. For example, when we received a glance at the New Year, we could see that the blessing text messages sent by the group would not bring much happiness, because we are not the only one.

    Fifth, broaden the source of customers-turning waste into treasure
    In addition to foreign merchants, the most exhibitors are exhibitors at the exhibition. Among them, there are trading companies and factories in complementary industries. They can communicate with each other and enhance understanding. Perhaps they can also become good partners. Beach chairs and clip umbrellas and beach umbrellas Together, they make a lot of money for foreigners, and those who make good use of the resources around them are easy to succeed.

    6. Go shopping on the street

    In the last half of the fair, there are very few foreign merchants, and they can take turns to other stalls to Taobao. The stall owners can be competitors, partners, suppliers and buyers, or they can buy and sell. The fair All of the products on display are good-quality products. Many products can bring fun to your life. In the last half day, you can give yourself a chance to go shopping and enjoy yourself.

    After participating in the exhibition, I had the above little ideas. I have a little knowledge. Although I know that I will be bricked, I still share it with Zhu Jun with a silly and enthusiastic mentality.